Excel Line Charts: Why the line drops to zero and how to avoid it

Have you ever seen a line chart in Excel that’s suddenly dropping to zero? Here’s why it happens and what to do about it:

Let’s say you have a table where you enter new sales figures every day, and a line chart connected to it. The sales figures for the last few days in the table have not yet been filled out, so the last values for the y-axis are zero. This is what the line chart could look like:

EasyExcel_25_1_Line dropping to zero

How to avoid #DIV/0 and other Error Messages in Excel

EasyExcel_18_1_Avoid Error Messages

What does the error message #DIV/0 mean? Take a look at this table. It’s a sales report, with the total sales in column B, the number of hours in column C, and finally Sales per hour in column D.

Sales per hour is the total sales divided by the number of hours, and if the Hours field is empty, we are basically telling Excel to divide something by zero. Obviously, that’s impossible, and Excel returns an error message: #DIV/0.

The error message is there for a very good reason, but if we want to show this report to someone else, it would definitely look a lot better if it wasn’t there. Let’s see what we can do about it: