Convert numbers to Thai text with the BAHTTEXT function (?)

Everybody knows that you can do amazing things with Excel, but who would imagine a function like BAHTTEXT? According to Microsoft, this function “Converts a number to Thai text and adds a suffix of Baht.” There are no functions that convert numbers to text in any other language, so why Microsoft chose to develop this function remains a mystery. I’m guessing that one of the developers did it to impress someone who speaks Thai…

Sadly, I don’t speak a word of Thai, so in order to determine whether or not the BAHTTEXT function is good enough to impress anyone, I checked the results in Google Translate. This is what I got:


Use Excel to convert Arabic Numbers to Roman and back

Luckily, we don’t use the roman numerals much today, so this post is just for fun! Converting an Arabic number (normal number) into a Roman numeral is one of the easiest things you can do in Excel, but converting back from Roman to Arabic is equally difficult. Let’s have a look:

Convert to Roman numerals

If you want to convert a normal number into a classic Roman numeral, there is a built-in function in Excel: ROMAN