The Easiest Way to Hide Zeros in Excel

An Excel table with a lot of numbers in it can be difficult to read. Often, a lot of the numbers are zeros, and it is sometimes a good idea to hide them in order to make the important numbers more visible. Of course, you could write IF-formulas that return nothing if the result is zero, but usually the way I am going to show here is better and easier.

This is what my table looks like:

EasyExcel_14_Hide Zeros_1

Quite hard to read, right? We definitely need to make it look cleaner!

First, select the cells that you want to format, go to the home ribbon, choose Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Equal to…

EasyExcel_14_Hide Zeros_2

Type a Zero (0) in the left field and choose Custom Format in the drop-down menu.

EasyExcel_14_Hide Zeros_3

Go to the Font tab and choose white colour (or light grey, if you don’t want to hide them completely):

EasyExcel_14_Hide Zeros_4

That’s it! The table looks nice and clean, and is a lot easier to read!

EasyExcel_14_Hide Zeros_5

More useful tricks:

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