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How to Copy Format in Excel
(Learn how to copy the format from one cell to another)

Highlight Weekends in Excel with Conditional Formatting

How VLOOKUP can get you in trouble and how to solve it

Hide Future Dates in Excel with Conditional Formatting

Excel: 2 + 2 = 5

Boolean logic in Excel: TRUE/FALSE instead of IF functions

Remove Duplicates in Excel

Use Excel to Count Words
(How to use the CHAR function to count words in Excel)

Use a wildcard in Excel to make SUMIFS and COUNTIFS more flexible
(If you want to disregard one or more criteria in a SUMIFS or COUNTIFS function, one way is to use the wildcard trick)

How to protect cells in Excel
(Make sure your Excel report is protected from changes by other users, or yourself)

How to Create an HTML Table with Excel
(Use Excel to make your HTML table and save a lot of time)

How to use Excel to Count Characters in a Text String
(How to use the CHAR function to count characters)

How to avoid #DIV/0 and other Error Messages in Excel
(Learn how to use the IFERROR function to remove the error messages)

How to Summarize Hours in Excel and Show the Right Result

Trace Dependents Before you Delete Cell Content in Excel

Highlight an Entire Row in Excel Based on One Cell Value

The Easiest Way to Hide Zeros in Excel

Show File Path in Excel

Create a Search Box in Excel without VBA

Highlight Cells in Excel that Contain a Formula

Convert text to numbers in Excel using formulas

Custom number formatting in Excel is easy!

Yellow pop-up box when selecting cell in Excel

Create a drop-down list in Excel in 3 minutes!

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  1. Hi,
    I have got two duplicate data in two sheets, one of them has a little difference, I need a formula to compare the two sheets and highlight the difference.

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